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margaux-xo asked: I say this with love (not really) : Get out and find a hobby. Please. Because no one gives a flying fuck about what you have to say. Everyone has flaws , no one's perfect. And your flaw is giving people hate mail , so. Happy April Fool's day , the joke is on you , doll. <3


oh my goodness
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margaux-xo asked: So tell me the reason why you cant face Rigel and say it to her face , if you really wanna stir some shit up. Ultimately .. I am not having a pleasant Sunday after what I saw you wrote... Not cool dude. If you think writing this stuff is going to make you gain shit , well please think again because you're wrong. We all know you're insecure , because after all , you wouldn't be writing stuff like this on Rigel's blog. So yeah.